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"I could have bought my Lund a lot closer to home but the sales experience that my wife and I had was exceptional and the price was better than my home dealer. We checked out all of the competition boats while we were at the Indy Sport and Travel show. I had in my mind I was going to buy a Tracker because of the price. When it came down to all of the features of the Lund and the amount of options I would have had to purchase for the Tracker, the price of the Lund was actually better. I always wanted a Lund but didn't think I could afford the best until I actually had the opportunity to compare all of my options. Denny's was great from the initial contact with Bill Decker all the way through my purchase when Greg Decker shook my hand and thanked me and my wife when we were leaving with the boat. "
By: David Covington, OH

"I just bought a new pontoon boat and even though I didn't buy it from Deny's, I want to thank the staff for all their help. I stopped in several times to look over boats to see the options, size, layout, etc that I wanted. The staff (Joe) was very helpful in showing and explaining things on several boats even after I explained that I own property on a lake down south, with a dealer there that I would probably buy from since that is where the boat would be kept."
By: Anonymous indianapolis, IN